Our Story

Sometimes two, mighty components need shaping before they are ready to become a functional whole. This is a theory often seen in design work, and one that can undoubtedly be applied to the formation of Brand Bums. 

The two parts, in this case, are co-founders Ryan and TyGerr. While their paths, experiences, and skill sets are unique, time and pressure formed something priceless and permanent, like a precious metal. 

In 2016, while running Most Wanted Printing, Ryan met TyGerr, and the two began to partner on projects for logo design, brand identity, and storefront signage for local businesses. When the pandemic struck in 2020, Most Wanted was forced out of business due to a diminished clientele.  Brand Bums was formed shortly after; a brainchild of Ryan’s unbridled creativity, and TyGerr’s logistical expertise. 


Our Mission

We consider each customer’s business an investment, not an expense. We are dedicated to providing bespoke creative services that produce ROI: every client, every time.  Our mission is to approach each new project with creative vision and insight, while spending time to understand the unique goals of each brand we touch. 

“The premier creative liaison between great brands and their customers. “

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